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Removeble cleaning is a more in-depth cleaning than the regular or periodic, in a removeble cleaning it is important that the person performing the cleaning is trained and experienced in the cleaning methods and chemicals you need.
At Vital, we have our own group who are trained and experienced in removeble cleaning. Our staff works under the guidance of our group leaders.
We perform between 5 – 10 removeble cleanings per week and work according to property owners and real estate companies’ guidelines. Through our experience, we also have agreements with landlords to inspect performed cleaning.


Ale, Gothenburg, Härryda, Kungsbacka, Kungälv, Lerum, Partille, Mölndal and Öckerö.

Here’s how it works

You place an order in the form below. You will then receive a confirmation from us about when we can perform the removal cleaning. You can then always leave a key at our office or have someone meet us when we arrive at the site.
You need to prepare the home by emptying it of things and furniture, take down any picture nails and hooks, turn off the fridge and freezer, make sure we have access to all spaces, we also need to be able to enter environmental space to dispose of rubbish.
We will bring the equipment we need and use only environmentally friendly chemicals, we need to be able to load in and out of the vehicle and have access to a parking space.
Vital Removeble cleaning
Ceilings, walls, moldings dusted off, floorcleaning, moldings, contacts, switches, doors, frames, window sills, elements, painted surfaces and wardrobes inside and out. Outside, including oven plates wash, dishwasher inside and outside, cabinets, drawers and benches, wiping of kitchenfan and valves outside and wiping of lighting outside.
Bathroom and toilet
Cleaning of all sanitation , under the bathtub, tiled walls, washing machine, dryer and drying cabinet inside and out, floor drains and valves. Windows, windowcleaning of all windows.
Before removeble cleaning begins: Fridge and freezer defrosted and pulled out, even if the power to the stove / oven is turned off or cable pulled out before work tea begins.
The RUT deduction is deducted directly from your invoice. You only pay the amount after tax deduction as above, if you have not already used your annual box deduction of SEK 50,000. A fee for materials and transport will be added and we also need parking to carry out the assignment. If a lift or similar is needed to carry out the assignment, a fee will be added for rent after contact with the customer. Should the home be heavily soiled so decontamination is needed, we reserve the right to contact the customer and agree on how to proceed and use ÄTÄ. Our general terms and conditions are available on our website

Tips for you who want to perform removeble cleaning by yourself

When you leave your home and a new tenant has to move in, it is important that the apartment is completely clean and fresh. To succeed, you need to set aside enough time, most set aside too little time. The cleaning will be much easier to perform if you take care of your regular cleaning and general cleaning.
Other things you need to keep in mind are how to work ergonomically, with the right equipment and the right products, always put your health first and always read the manufacturer’s products. Also remember to pour in water before the chemicals when you mix, that will cause the chemicals to spread unnecessarily. The same thing applies with spray bottles, never use a showerjet, because you can breathe in what you spread out. ; special kem contact retailers for environmentally friendly product. Also think about your health. Then you must consult with your landlord if there is an instruction to follow if there are special requirements for removeble cleaning. If not, you can follow our template
Windows, Clean frames, window panes, window sills, then plaster in and out and in between if the windows are divisible. The bars should also be washed. Our tip is to use shot spray for window frames and bars, window soap or detergent
Spius; clean on top, inside and around the stove. Pull out the stove and clean behind, on the sides and underneath.
Freezer and refrigerator; should be defrosted and turned off. Then clean it inside, outside and behind (if it can be pulled out). Turn off the freezer when it is emptied and cleaned. Leave the door ajar to keep it fresh. Clean the refrigerator inside, outside and behind (if you can pull it out). Switch off the refrigerator when it has been emptied and cleaned. Leave the door ajar to avoid bad smells.
kitchen cabinets and kitchen drawers; should be cleaned free of stains and dust, both inside and out.
Kitchen lampsLamps; belonging to the apartment must be cleaned. Unscrew lamp cups and wash them out.
Bathroom / Toilet
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